Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Teachers' Don't Strike - Yeah Right!

Room 6 is very passionate about the teacher strike! For the sake of the future generation, we believe that we need to support our teachers... Before they are all gone.

Our film will tell you about the current teaching situation in New Zealand, why teachers are striking and why we should support them.  Enjoy!

Friday, 26 October 2018

Teacher Strike - Josiah

WALT: Create an infographic to show our understanding.

Today my friend Sione and I created a Infographic about the 'Teachers Strike' that happened not long ago. I found doing this task/activity easy because I had a friend to work with. Also if you have any queries/opinion please don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. Also the URL to my friends blog site will be in the comment section down below too so don't forget to check that out also. Thank you!

Teacher Strike Infographic - Lucky

Today we finished our infographic and it is about the teacher strike. The teacher strike is a really important topic because it is about the teachers not getting paid enough so we used our statistics and put it into a graph to show our percentages. I hope you like my infographic if there were any mistakes that you notice leave a comment below. 

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Teacher's Unite! - Harrison

WALT: create an infographic to show our understanding

In this task, we created an infographic about the teacher strike using the information we got from our survey. We used a variety of presentation styles e.g. pie charts, bar charts, donut charts, words, fractions, percentages etc. 

Whilst doing this task I realized that many teachers have big classrooms and also that the majority of them agreed with the strike.

I worked by myself in this task and I think I did quite well because I managed to catch up to the rest of the class really quickly. Also once I figured how to do it efficiently it became easy.

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Teacher Strike - Ashley


Today we wrote an infographic about the upcoming strike. This infographic contains three statistic and a expert opinion. While finding information we realized how much they work hard, although they have a small wage. Thank you for reading have a good day :).

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Teacher Strike Infographic- Mafi

WALT:Create an infographic to show our understanding.

Today my friend and I created a DLO about the teachers strike. I found it very tricky when we both ended up busy, but we did complete it. 1-5 for rating I will rate us a 4 because we did do equal parts and we did talk to each other. I maybe a 4 but still was fun.

Here the Link to the site to get a closer look.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Metaphors in The Mafi Poem

WALT: Write a metaphor poem

Today I am creating a DLO based on our task in this middle block. We firstly went and had a go on Menti and started to share ideas. Then we read fantastic examples of others and began. I found this task very easy and difficult. Easy because I was describing and comparing myself. And difficult because I did have to use metaphors to describe myself. As always feel free to comment weather if I made mistakes or I could do a DLO for anyone or you. Thank you for viewing my blog 😀😀😀
The Mafi Poem !

Mafi is a perfectly presented parcel,
wrapped in a bright colourful paper
And well sealed with a funky bright ribbon on top.

Mafi is a hard working train,
she follows where the train tracks lead her.

Mafi is a pile of warm stacks of pancakes
drowning in delicious dripping golden syrup.

Mafi is a wise wishful well grown tree,
you can chop her down,
but she will eventually grow back.

Mafi is an onion,

she has many layers of emotions.